Social obligation, whether presumed or intentional is often the origin of an unhealthy lifestyle. When we go to meetings, parties or gatherings, food is usually there to greet us. Food is often used to display affection and as a pacifier. On Thanksgiving, food is an offering of forgiveness. No one asks for 20 pushups as a sign of love. We tend to equate having a good time with eating a lot of good food.

When people say “I’m on diet,” it seems to be more of a fashion statement rather than a statement of truth. Exercise and dieting are more often the intention instead of the reality.

Body By Loleta personal trainers can guarantee body transformation and physical as well as emotional fitness. With 40 years of combined experience in health and fitness, our trainers are experts in body transformation and are the best people to help you develop a healthy diet and training plan. Our trainers provide the personalized attention you need to achieve your goals.

Motivation and commitment are the keys to living a healthy lifestyle, while still fulfilling our social obligations without being offensive. At Body By Loleta, a personal trainer is chosen from our group of certified personal trainers who best fits the needs of each client. Our trainers tailor their clients’ programs with their individual needs in mind. This includes the workout program and the diet plan. The only requirement to see results is to follow the individualized program.

Because every plan is created to fit what each individual needs, our clients are able to attain peak physical, mental and emotional health. We work to make sure that our clients are being healthy when they’re in the gym with us and in their everyday lives.

The personal trainer will guide the exercise program. This trainer is committed to the client. A relationship is established, built and maintained. These personal trainers are committed to the success of all the clients.


President & Chief Training Executive
Born of West Indian Heritage, in Kingston Jamaica, Miss Loleta studied at College of Arts and Science and Technology in Kingston. Soon after college, she started an unfulfilling career in marketing and accounting.

After four years of dedicated work in that field she decided to start an exercise and health plan for herself. She has always been an exercise enthusiast. As a young girl she had a very small physique. Even after having 2 children, weight gain was still quite difficult to achieve. She became interested in bodybuilding. Since building fat was not an option, she focused on building muscle.

Loleta educated herself in the fine art of “weights” training and the intricate facts of nutrition. She also recognized in herself a special gift of identifying specific dietary needs for an individual to achieve their identified goal.

During her bodybuilding years in Jamaica, she became a champion competitor and was recruited to join the Jamaican National bodybuilding team.

She was a winner in her class on several occasions and went on to successfully compete with the team at the Central American Games. She then opened a gym in Jamaica and dedicated her life to reforming health and fitness through personalized diet and personal training exercise plans.

In 1998, she moved her family to the United States where she managed a gym in Miami. Within 5 years she was able to purchase a gym. In 2000, she returned to the competition stage.

She won her class in both bodybuilding and figure class, and took the overall trophy in bodybuilding at the Southern States competition. During her own body transformation for competitions she learned even more about the intricate details of dieting and competition preparation.

Her clients started to pass on their own success to their friends about body transformation with her plan, and her personal training clientele grew.

She prepared her first United States bikini competition and she was a champion on her first show. Soon after, clients were so impressed with their transformations they felt they had bodies well enough for competition…and Team Loleta was formed.

Popularity of the team has spread through its many success stories, championships and team trophies. Some competitors are former athletes, some are housewives and some were once very overweight individuals who wanted to change their health status and change their lives.

Miss Loleta has surrounded herself with a team of professionals…master personal trainers, medical health care providers, business developers and planners and BodybyLoleta LLC was founded.

Miss Loleta not only talks the talk, but she has lived and walked the walk of health and fitness enthusiast and is now an advocate for healthy mind and body for all.

Through her experiences with dieting and exercising and witnessing changes in body images, self esteem and self concept she has been able to capture a concept… ‘Transforming bodies Transforming lives’. The Body By Loleta concept is a limited liability company that guarantees body transformations with our plan and your commitment.