This Is WHY You Should Do Yoga

As time passes and the art of exercise has been modernized and popularized, which has turned out in publication of many types of disciplines, one in particular has been extremely successful: the indian art called Yoga. Although it’s related to meditation, spirit and flexibility, the reality is that this art has many physical and mental benefits that adapt and improve the lifestyle of those who are characterized by a busy and stressful life.

From psychological and mental point of view this discipline aims to be the best companion and complement to remove bad energy from a demanding work environment, or to get out of that boring routine, in detail Yoga:

– Help fight depression.
– Improves concentration, attention and focus.
– Improves oxygenation of the brain, making faster reactions.
– Relieves stress, keeps the positive energy and keeps the brain calm.
– Increase self-esteem and the ability to believe in yourself.

The physically benefits help contribute to start the workout you want to do to achieve or maintain the body you have, remember that it’s a discipline that requires physical requirements, also it’s a calorie burner and an excellent companion to stretch muscles, passing for contributing to flexibility, in detail the physically benefits of Yoga are:

– Increases flexibility and agility in joints and muscles.
– Improve your energy and vitality.
– Shapes the body, increases strength and works muscles, contributing to the figure.
– It is a preventive medicine as it stimulates the metabolic and anabolic processes, improving the flow of energy and oxygenating the body.
– Teaches us to breathe better, which increases the health of our body.
– Keeps young spine, upright posture and avoid the deterioration of the discs, ideal for those who have a sedentary day at the office.

Our Team Loleta has this discipline in our daily activities, it is one of many activities offered by our transformer temple of bodies and lives, for other disciplines that we can offer to you check out our services in, also visit and follow us on our social networks where we keep our schedules updated and special plans, remember that a healthy body depends only on you. Namaste!

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