Adriana Menendez

BBL fitness is the best decision I have ever made. I was getting no results at a previous gym with trainers with no experience. .I came to BBL just wanting a nice body but, after I saw my incredible results I became a competitor and I LOVE IT.. At BBL you become part of their family, the amount of dedication and time the experienced trainers spend with you is like no other ..I have achieved my goal and I keep striving for more, because BBL makes me want it…love my fit family and my TEAM LOLETA

Maria Quesada

I have been training with Team Loleta since last year. I feel blessed for being part of this Team, not only because the trainers are helping me to reach my goals, it is also because this is like a family and every time I am in BBL Fitness I feel like home.

They can really push you and take you to places where you never knew you could be and never regret about it. I have a lot to thank to everyone in there and specially to Loleta and Jojo (Loleta’s daughter) because without them I wouldn’t be standing here.

Maria Quesada


Started my health journey in January of 2013.  I was introduced to Loleta by a mutual friend.  During that introduction I remember Loleta asking if I was committed.  I made that commitment as she did to do what it took to become healthy and fit.

She believed in me and that was all the inspiration I needed.  Two years later I am still committed.  I have lost 40lbs, transformed my eating lifestyle and committed to working out several day per week.

Thanks to Loleta and Chris for their commitment to helping me achieve my results.


Madeline Asesor

I am a 46 year old mother of two with a 25 year old body. I look and feel better than ever before. This is all thanks to the team at BodybyLoleta. Though their extent knowledge of proper nutrition and exercise they have transformed many men and women (including myself) to a new person. A person sure of themselves.

I never thought i could look like the fitness models in the magazines.

If you are up to the challenge. They are up to the task.

I am truly blessed Loleta Riley and her very professional team crossed my path.

Madelaine Asesor


Joining BodybyLoleta was so out of the blue for me, but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was really life changing. I became healthier, I look better and I feel confident. I stepped out of my shell and did something I thought I could never achieve. When I think about it, it’s like “wow I am actually a bikini competitor”. It’s definitely a good feeling. Knowing I placed in my first show is also very rewarding.

Everyone at this gym is so well educated in what they do. They push you to limits you never thought your body could go,and they support you along the way. I didn’t only join a gym but I gained such a humble fit family and I love them all so much. I am thankful I got to be apart of such an amazing team. My transformation at BodybyLoleta was huge, but this is only the beginning of my journey. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me next.

Kathia Lopez

I have exercised (according to me), eaten healthy all my life, yet I never looked so good until I joined BBL. I wasn’t “fat”, I had done triathlons, marathons, cycling, adventure races, etc., yet the muscle definition and shape BBL gave me had even my past trainers/coaches calling me astounded. My body transformation (lost 20lbs and dropped body fat to 8% in 5 months) happened so quickly and beautifully that I had over 50 people inspired to exercised. People calling me daily for the “secret”; my “secret” is BBL: the right training AND nutrition combination tailored to the individual, plus the right environment. I joined BBL a year ago, and although I have to drive 40 minutes to get there, I can’t not go. I fell in love with the entire team of very dedicated trainers that push your limits, the disciplined members that support and inspire everyone, the welcoming staff always with positive attitude, and anybody that joins automatically becomes all of the above. BBL feels like family; fit family.

BBL has the perfect combination of trainers, members, staff, classes offered, nutrition guidance by Loleta and I believe some magi something in the environment that no matter what’s going on in your life, when you walk in, everything turns positive. It happened to me and many others. You don’t look your best in your 20s, you look your best when you join BBL. I say it over and over, “my name is Klo, and I’m addicted to BBL.”

Celines Cruz

I needed that extra kick, motivation and inspiration. I tried Crossfit, different workouts but nothing! I went to BBL and met Loleta and her trainers and it was exactly what I needed. A personalized, IN YOUR FACE, INTENSE workout with RESULTS! I had to lose 15lbs! Loleta and her team of trainers motivated me to COMPETE in the NPC BIKINI show! Now I am ADDICTED TO BBL!!

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