If you’ve read one article about stretching, read this one!

Stretching is an essential part of any training program, the majority of injury or fatigue, through the stretch you increase the blood circulation that nourishes muscles and increase their strength and flexibility, however not all work is muscular, when you begin to warm up and stretch you:

– Increase heart rate
– Increase production of adrenaline
– Mentally brain prepares to support every effort that the body will start making, helping to minimize the risk of injury.

Basic tips for a good stretch:

– Begins to perform moves slowly, let the blood flow through the muscle, DON’T stretch a cold muscle.
– Often in BBL they ask us how long you keep a muscle stretched, ideally is 30 seconds.
– Stretching does not mean pain, stop when you feel pain that means you are demanding more of what you owe.
– Often after exercise you may feel a little rigid you’re muscles, a good shower and muscle stretching decreases the feeling.
– Stretches from head to toe, gradually rises from one area to another, take your time to do it, do not rush the time, when you start training you will see results.

Basic stretching movements

Ankles: begin by rotation this part of your body.
Calves: leaning one leg forward while the back leg is bent a bit, keep this position for 30 seconds, then switch legs.
Quadriceps: The starting position is kneeling, keep your knees together, place your hands back and stretched, do not hit the butt to the feet.
Leg flexors: sit on the floor and spread your legs, you lean towards one of them and try to take your ankle or foot.
Lower trunk: lie down and bring your knees to your chest, hold this position while your arms hug your legs.
Triceps: with upright posture takes your arm behind your head and try to touch the opposite shoulder with your hand.
Chest and biceps: it takes both hands and stretch everything you up.
Neck: remember that in this area usually tension builds, make moves sideways and up and down.

There are many types of stretching, these are the basics but you are welcome to explore many more, remember they help you increase your performance and flexibility, we invite you to meet us and visit www.bodybyloleta.com where you can see all the services we offer. The key our success is based on a customized training.

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