How to Avoid Knee Pain?

Knees usually is one of the areas of the body where most injuries occur when you start an exercise routine, in most cases happens for:

– Poor warming and stretching
– Perform exercises incorrectly, a squat or lunge for example
– Use more weight than they’re used

Whatever the reason why, you must to avoid and and prevent future injuries and start to strengthen the joints and muscles that are located around to the knee.

Let’s start:

Focus on your ankles, the main function of this body part is often forgotten and is to work as a hinged, allowing a collaboration between hip and knee.

Stimulating your lower legs, the idea here is to increase the blood circulation to this place, can be done by massage with a foam roller rubbing this area, remember that this muscle is close to the knees and allow us to improve your performance.

Stretch against the wall, this stretch works full mobility of feet, ankles, shins, quadriceps and finally knees, is the complete package, this is based on supporting the tip of one foot on the wall like a stride and begin to slowly bring the knee toward the wall, you will feel a small strain, which is good because it means that you are doing it properly.

Many times you knee pain always comes with the stop of the workout that you came doing and therefore the pace you were coming building, our coaches in BBL are focus in prevent this type of situations, remember that every body and physical condition is different, the key to success is a personalized training.

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