How Can I Strengthen my Muscles?

Muscle mass decreases with time, and when this happens, lost muscles is replaced with fat, which results in weight gain.

A workout that involves strength, at least 15 minutes daily, will help you maintain and increase muscle mass on your body. These types of activities can also help bones to develop stronger and reduce risks of bones density, like osteoporosis.

Workout your principal group muscles, including hips, abs, legs, arms, chest and back; you can use resistant bands, free weights o your own body’s weight, to strengthen them.

Have a circuit workout routine; it’s more effective, at least 15 minutes. Circuit routine workouts burn 30% more calories, than traditional workouts. Start off with a toning workout like squats and cardio, like jumping rope, do it for a couple of minutes, and on each circuit, do a different workout, so it doesn’t get boring.

Choose an activity that will burn calories, to have most profit make sessions of 15 minutes each. Like, walk a mile or two, it burns quite some calories, to increase intensity you can do footing and it burns more calories. Other activities burn lot more calories are, jumping, skating and swimming.

It’s important that in strengthen workouts, you work all body superior and inferior at least two days a week. As you gain strength, your body will keep burning calories, even after your workout session is done.

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