Gain muscle and lose fat

The goal of many bodybuilders, as you know, is to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time realizing it. Unfortunately, for most who have been training for some time, focus training to achieve this goal is the basis of your planning. It often happens that many who are eager to gain muscle and lose fat tend to be extremist. Not sure if this is a natural tendency of the human personality, or is the result of the habits necessary to induce significant and lasting physical changes in our body, which is usually a dogma for many who train. Paradoxically, when we are in the process of volume we can eat 3 bears and two boars whole, however when we started to make a diet of definition, we subsist with just enough calories to feed a bird.

Anyone who has actually been in a phase of volume or cutting phase ends will know exactly what I mean. In order to gain muscle, the body needs lots of food. To remove grease after build muscle, your body needs far fewer calories and more exercise cardiovascular type. To try to embark on a mutual commitment to gain muscle and lose fat, we must commit ourselves seriously. However, with science to our service, information and understanding of how different body systems work, we can understand and implement training routines and dietary strategies to better enable us to achieve the goal of gaining muscle and losing fat same time. What we will do is tap the hormonal state of the body in relation to circadian rhythms of everyday life, exercise and timing of nutrients. The plan to get gain muscle and lose fat involves periods of extreme malnutrition for extreme fat loss and muscle building supercharger along with training. Basically we will be in a fat burning plan that most often, eat carbohydrates and proteins and will do cardio type activity and high intensity training.


We will do 3 to 6 days alternating between cardio cardiovascular exercise at low intensity and high cardiac exercise intensity. Walking on a treadmill slightly tilted for 45 minutes is a great way to make long-term cardiovascular exercise. This strategy cardio day we train with weights should be performed. For the part of HIIT there are many different methods aplicación.Por example, after jogging 4 minutes heating, sprintamos 20 seconds followed by 40 seconds of jogging, repeating this cycle for 8-12 times. Basically, the fight against the accumulation of fat, more cardio and HIIT sessions will need to make. With three sessions of 3 of each type, a week will suffice.

training with weights

The actual content of your workouts with weights is not as important as time. It is important that meticulously program our weight training sessions. We can train at any time we get out in the afternoon or evening so we can burn stored fat day. If we train too soon, suspend Fat Burning how effective we would do training at night, The workout should be done 3 times a week on alternate days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. Training sessions should consist basic heavy compound movements with some overlap. In other words, the arms not work in isolation. It is not an impossible objective to gain muscle and lose fat depends only on us that we plan and how we structure properly train and nurture we currently have.

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