Feed your spirit

A healthy life has essential pillars like the right nutrition and physical activity, also maintaining mind and soul on balance, thing that because of our hectic everyday pace we often neglect.

You will ask yourself: Why is it important to look inside? The answer is simple: a conscious life is the antidote against stress, factor that intervenes in the development of the majority of illnesses known today, from a simple flue to a terrible cancer.

Ahead we’ll show you some activities that you should do more to seek serenity:

1) Meditate: regardless of your religion, meditation is a practice that allows you to connect to divinity. It’s based of trying to silence your mind for a couple minutes and focus it on the present moment, which can be a bit difficult at the beginning but it can be done through breathing and visualization. Using mantras, this is repeating Sanskrit words, ancestral Indian language, which also facilitates concentration. There are studies that confirm that with meditation Alzheimer and cardiovascular illnesses can be prevent. In the internet you can find meditation guides like Deepak Chopra. The idea is to meditate on a daily basis.

2) Hug: hugging your family and your closest friends frequently boosts oxytocin hormone, which is responsible for the affective connection between human beings and decreases cortisol, stress hormone. Here it’s also precise to remember that you have to maintain quality relations and keep away anyone that wants to sabotage and won’t help your growing, if it’s about your family, love them but don’t let them manipulate you.

3) Read: reading is a healthy habit, it also sums up knowledge. There are a lot of motivational books, life stories that motivates you to change into a better person of you. However, if you like other genders or novels it’s also positive, time you invest in reading is always a good investment.

4) Connect with nature: from seeing trees through your window or a cruise to the beach, nature reminds us that we’re part of her, part of a divine and perfect plan, where nothing is done at random.

You are the only responsible of your wellbeing. Anxiety keeps you anticipating the future and sadness bad prosecuted, these are the main reasons of depression, and they keep you tied to the past. None of these spaces are place for your happiness, you only have your present, and it’s a gift, make the most of it!

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