Complete Guide to Firm and Strengthen your Bust

Attention, this post goes directly to you women who want to look a beautiful neckline in your next new dress, today BBL wants to share a great routine to reaffirm your bust, most of the time we only pay attention to other areas such as the butt, arms or abs, which we know are equally important, but the key to a toned body is to pay attention to all parts of your body equally.

These exercises can be done anywhere in your home or with us in BBL, the idea is reaffirm the bust which could have lost their strength for weight loss regimen or pregnancy. The routine is divided in three exercises, remember if you’re starting the key is to be consistent and you will see the results as time passes.

Let’s begin!

Do 10 minute warm-up and stretching.

First step: Firming

– Take a chair and sit, remember to keep an upright posture with feet on the floor, try to keep your abs contracted.
– Take a dumbbell in each hand and placed each arm in front of your chest, the idea is to raise the dumbbells to your chest and then down, creating a maximum angle of 90 degrees.
– Make this movement for 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Step two: Opening

– Maintaining the same previous position and taking the weights instead of bringing the dumbbells to your chest, you are going to raise your arms to shoulder height.
– Make this movement for 3 sets with 10 repetitions.

Step three: Push-ups

– This is an exercise that requires practice and concentration, however, is really one of the best exercises when it comes to strengthen your bust.
– Let’s start slowly, stand in front of a wall, spread your legs to the level of your hips, place your palms in front, your arms should be fully extended.
– Start bend your elbows and begins to approach as much as possible to the wall, count to three and then slowly rises to the starting position.
– Make this movement in 3 sets with 5 repetitions.

As you can see is a simple routine that can take maximum 15 minutes per day, over time you can increase the complexity of the exercises. In BBL we are committed that each body has a need and a way to train, which is why our key for success will always be the personal training, we invite you to visit to know our services, and many other tips you can apply immediately to improve your health.

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