Coconut oil dosis for weight loss

Even without stop eating candy, coconut oil triggers benefits that go on when eliminating carbs.

How to take coconut oil to lose weight (Doses)

Coconut oil has the property of weight loss for those who gain weight because of sugar and have anxiety of sweets. Dos tablespoons allow 120 calories without gaining weight.

If you have any of these symptoms use this calculator before taking coconut oil. Its frequent that you gain weight due to a hormonal cause when these symptoms appear:

  • You have warts on your neck
  • You have hair loss and greasy roots
  • You wake up without appetite but feel anxious by 4 PM

Coconut oil to control your appetite
Doses: add a tablespoon on your breakfast and another one on your dinner; it’ll make you eat 256 calories less.

Anxiety occurs when your brain doesn’t get easily sugars from foods. Coconut oil goes in neurons through a different door and reduces appetite.

Coconut oil doesn’t make you gain weight because your body can’t store it like the rest of foods with fat. Therefore, coconut oil transforms in ketone bodies imitating the effects of a strict no carbs diet.

Attention: 1 tablespoon of coconut oil produces enough ketone bodies to remove appetite for about 6 hours.

Coconut oil for abdominal fat

Coconut oil is one of the 5 foods that act like Metformin for weight loss. It helps sugars from foods enter the muscle to help the resistance of insulin. Losing weight without coconut oil is more difficult.

How to use coconut oil

Coconut oil is the best for cooking. Olive oil and butter aren’t bad but vegetable oil (soy, corn, sunflower and sesame oil) rust and make you gain weight.

At less than 25 degrees it becomes solid and it can be used as butter, salads dressings o cream for your coffee (simply add a tablespoon for you coffee). It can be also used for your skin, you can apply it like a body lotion and you’ll have excellent results on your skin.

Coconut is different from the rest of foods with fat. Its fatty acids of medium chains don’t require work from your pancreas and biliary vesicle for its digestion. It transforms in energy instead of storing first like it occurs with all fats.

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