BodyByLoleta offers a variety of classes to give participants opportunity to transform their corporal image and improve their health in a non-threatening environment, a friendship and support environment. The first step towards a better healthier lifestyle can be any type of intense cardiac workout. A very necessary component in body transformation that can be a lonely and boring at times but here at BBL we ensure you our classes are exciting, challenging, lots of fun and will keep you coming back for more.

X Co Latin Dance classes– The XCO Latin workout that mixes Latin rhythm and athletic movement using intelligent physical tools. X CO- is for excellent connective tissue. This highly intense and fun class access connective tissue in muscle and skeletal tissue for the purpose of fat burning.

Fit dance class– Dancing is having fun while exercising. This class uses all body movements in rhythmic choreography with popular music. Very popular among young and old people who enjoy it.

Spinning– Intense indoor cycling, while burning calories, building or maintaining muscular tone. The music creates a fun/high energy atmosphere while pushing your body to its absolute limit. The interval pedaling will tone your quads, hamstrings, gluts, calves and core while shedding unwanted pounds.

Body sculpting– The perfect class for weight loss and strength, with both cardio and weight lifting routines combined, you get a complete workout to kick start your fitness journey or to simply stay in tip top shape. In this class our certified instructors work every body part.

Abs– (30 min) Stop the boring crunches, make your abs workout fun again. This class will give you that fire burning feeling deep in your core with many different exercises targeting lower and upper abs, waist and oblique.
Plyos- We recommend this advanced class for legs and gluts conditioning. Plyometrics focuses mainly on the lower body and is also known as “jump training”. Jump squats, straddles, box jumps, etc. These moves are rapid, explosive and repetitive which will keep your heart rate up, placing you in an intense high calorie burning zone for 1 full hour.

Yoga– Stress reliever, yoga is known to reduce stress and anxiety, improve, and balance flexibility and most importantly…. Did we say it relieves stress?

Posing Class– For competitors (bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini) we offer posing sessions to bring out the best in your package. Stage presence is extremely important when it comes to placing. Yes, we all can work our butts off and earn a killer body which has the potential of winning a competition but without an outstanding presentation to the judges, you WILL fall short.