Benefits and property of Green Tea (Antioxidants)

Green tea has a great variety of antioxidant compounds that have lots of benefits to combat and prevent cancer and reduce aging process. Anti oxides are molecules that detach easily from an electron, eliminating any free radical activity.

A free radical is a molecule extremely unstable, therefore, it has a high reactive power. They produce by radiation o by when they interact with oxygen (also with tobacco, contamination…). Explained in another easy way, a free radical is a molecule with an impair number of electrons, making them unstable and unbalanced. In intent to try to balance them, they steal electrons from other molecules close by and unbalancing them, producing a chain reaction, maybe producing serious damages to the body’s tissues. By interchanging an electron from one molecule to another, it detaches a great quantity of energy that destroys cellular membranes.

To combat the free radical effect, the body generates anti oxides, but many times, this amount isn’t enough to eliminate the free radical activity.

Among the most commons anti oxides are: vitamins A, C, E and coenzymes Q10, besides flavonoids.

Green tea has all these spectrum of vitamins mentioned, as well as flavonoids, like mentioned it’s composed by 30% of the green tea total weight. Studies show that green teas anti oxides capacity (specially flavonoids accion) is 100 times superior from vitamin C. It’s until today the most effective food to eliminate and avoid cancer.

But not only it’s a cancer development reducer, but it also foresees against other illnesses, like: reduces bad cholesterol levels (LDL), regulates arterial pressure, improves digestion, boosts immunological function, also it prevents cavities and bad breath.

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