6 Amazing Exercises that You Can Do Before Going to Work

BBL knows the problem that can bring having a demanding job, where time isn’t enough and all you do is work and home, however, thinking and considering your health we dedicated a search with six workouts that you can do without affecting your daily routine, in fact our recommendations are made so that you make them before you start your day.

Our goal is that when you start seeing results you can establish a much healthier schedule, our aim always is going beyond wanting to influence you positively and get you a good workout.

WALKING: getting up 45 minutes earlier than usual, or reserving 45 minutes of your time after work just to walk, but if you dare (and YOU CAN) change your clothes at work for something more comfortable and try to get walking to your house, what a great way to end your day!

STAIRS: if you live in a building start from now, use the stairs and avoid immediately the elevator (It’s better if you try to go up and down several times.)

DANCE: while you are preparing dinner or doing anything else that is already in your routine, put your favorite music and dance, this activity brings a high calorie burning.

JUMPING ROPE: become a master in this discipline, the raw material gets anywhere and is an excellent cardiovascular activity.

SESSION OF: abs, pushups, and squats. Complement the options above with small series of these exercises (Starting with your own weight).

RIDE YOUR BIKE: it’s fun and it’s a great relaxing activity. Use that bike you have dusty and start practicing this cardiovascular activity.

ONLINE VIDEOS: there are many yoga and pilates video routines online that you can do anytime you want, plus this disciplines helps you to relax and meditate.

SMARTPHONES: thanks to smart devices you can download training applications such as RunKeeper or Nike Training, that literally puts at your disposition the best workout routines.

Recent studies have shown how an active person considerably decreases the chances of getting diseases such as colon and breast cancer, or diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension and even showing the exercise as an ideal partner in the production of neurons and therefore improving cognitive activities such as memory, attention, concentration and learning.

In BBL we are dedicated to build healthier lives, our team is trained under the philosophy that everyone is different, so we design the perfect workout for each person, if you want to take the next step and begin to increase your productivity, communicate with us and let’s be training partners.

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