10 Benefits from Regular Physical Activity

Do you have lack of motivation to start training? Or need other reasons why you should continue a workout routine? Team Loleta shares 10 powerful reasons to keep that goal in mind, and give you the strength to start a healthier lifestyle.

1. Increases your productivity: at work or in your personal life a good exercise routine increases cognitive skills such as memory, concentration, agility and attention.
2. Increases your self-esteem: seeing results, muscle tone, freshness in your skin and increasing your physical performance will positively affect your self-esteem.
3. Drain stress and bad energies: exercise makes literally ” throw away” of your body all those negative feelings and stress from work or your life, it also increases your creativity (big plus!).
4. Say yes to a full healthy life: according to numerous studies people with an active lifestyle tend to live longer, this is because during exercise you improve your muscles, heart, articulations, respiratory system, and bones life.
5. Improves your sex life: thanks to exercise you will have more energy, desire, flexibility and strength.
6. Reduces possibility of having diabetes, remember that when you exercise your body’s energy comes from fat and sugar, balancing these levels in your body.
7. Helps improve your diet: being more aware of the physical demands that you impose to your body and get the results you want, you will supplement your exercises looking for good food.
8. Nurture discipline: when you approach your personal goals you become more responsible in your routines, organizing your schedule and giving you time for you.
9. Reduces chances of developing cancer: in the case of colon cancer it helps you accelerate your metabolism, breast and prostate cancer by regulating hormone levels.
10. Increase your defenses: with exercise the capacity and body’s defense against disease temporarily increases.

As you can observe most of the reasons and benefits why you should continue or start exercising occurs internally, results speak at first sight, but it is important to note how the changes occur from the inside extending a long and happy life.

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